Live At The Col

Angry (Darlene vocal)
Wheel of Fortune (Harmonaires vocal)
How Little We Know (Darlene vocal)
The Wedding Cha-Cha (Inst)
I'm in the Mood for Love (Darlene vocal)
Darktown Strutters Ball (Darlene vocal)
In a Little Second Hand Store (Inst)
Perfidia - Rumba(Darlene vocal)
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Darlene vocal)
Melody of Love Waltz (Harmonaires vocal)
Dream a Little Dream of Me (Darlene vocal)
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (Harmonaires vocal)

Ken Paulsen Orchestra, Featuring Darlene

Calcutta (Inst)
What a Difference a Day Makes (Darlene vocal)
Spanish Town Cha-Cha (Inst)
Lulus Back in Town (Darlene vocal)
Wolverine Blues (Inst)
Breezing Along With the Breeze (Darlene vocal)
Colonel Boogie Polka (Inst)
Big Mable Murphy (Darlene vocal)
Racing With the Moon (Darlene vocal)
Milanburg Joys (Inst)
Best To You, Hard To Get, Waltz medley (Inst)
Red Head (Darlene vocal)
You Took Advantage of Me (Darlene Vocal)
The 12th Street Rag (Inst)

Do You Really Wanna' Dance

Theme (Inst)
Acapulco 1922 & Tijuana Taxi (Inst)
Sincerely (Harmonaires vocal)
Undecided Now (Harmonaires vocal)
Tea For Two Cha-Cha (Inst)
What Do You Say After You Say I'm Sorry (Darlene vocal)
That Song is Driving Me Crazy (Darlene vocal)
I Cried For You (Darlene vocal)
Trust in Me (Darlene vocal)
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Hartnonaires vocal)
Glow Worm (Inst)
Deed I Do (Harinonaires vocal)
I Hadn't Anyone Till You (Darlene vocal)
Could Be (Darlene vocal)

Let's Go Dance Again

Let's Go Dance Again (Darlene vocal)
Here's That Rainy Day (Harmonaires vocal)
Smarty (Inst)
Dreamers Holiday (Darlene vocal)
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White Cha-Cha (Inst)
Anytime (Harmonaires vocal)
Cornsilk (Inst)
Around the World Waltz (Harinonaires vocal)
Jersey Bounce & What Is This Thing Called Love (Darlene vocal)
Because of You (Darlene vocal)
Canadian Sunset (Harmonaires vocal)
Clarinet Marmalade (Inst)

For Dancers Only

The Object of My Affection & Oh (Inst)
In the Chapel, In the Moonlight (Darlene vocal)
Mr. Sandman (Harmonaires vocal)
Call to the Post Cha-Cha (Inst)
Teach me Tonight (Harmonaires vocal)
Up the Lazy River (Darlene vocal)
Whispering (Inst)
Shanty Town (Inst)
I Don't Know Why (Harmonaires vocal)
When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (Darlene vocal)
Answer Me My Love Waltz (Darlene vocal)
For Sentimental Reasons (Darlene vocal)
Goody Goody (Darlene vocal)

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